About Us

Since 1988, Gene Codes Corporation has been developing cutting-edge software products for DNA sequence analysis. Our desktop product, Sequencher®, is the most widely used sanger sequence assembly software program in academic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical life sciences laboratories around the world.

In 1997, we began developing specialized capabilities in Sequencher for doing forensic-oriented mtDNA analysis, and these analysis tools are now the standard at the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory [AFDIL] and the FBI as well as most forensic Mitochondrial DNA labs.

After September 11th, 2001, Gene Codes Corporation was called on by the City of New York to help identify innocent victims of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Gene Codes Forensics was established as a subsidiary of Gene Codes Corporation to carry out this critical work. The resulting set of tools has become known as M-FISys® (pronounced "emphasis"), the Mass-Fatality Identification System. It is an extraordinary application with the ability to manage forensic DNA information on what was then a completely unprecedented scale.

Gene Codes Forensics is now a global leader in disaster victim identification.  Many States and Countries have established M-FISys as the central DNA resource for their identification needs.  Our software and consulting services have also been called on in response to airline accidents, missing persons investigations, natural disasters, and many human rights projects.

M-FISys is a resource the world for ordinary police work and humanitarian emergencies. From Guatemala and Granada, to Kenya and the KSA, to Panamá and Perú. From Argentina to Zimbabwe.

Gene Codes Forensics has helped recover dead from past wars so that they could be laid to rest with dignity and love, find victims of atrocities in Libya and put names to the murdered and disappeared in Guatemala’s civil war. It has been applied to detect and interdict human trafficking with the DNA-ProKids project, and the series of forensic identification nodes set up by the United States  Department of State throughout Central America and in the Southern part of the U.S.

After natural disasters with tragic loss of life, like Volcán de Fuego in 2018, Cyclone Idai in 2019, and Storm Daniel in 2023, Gene Codes Forensics is called on for help.

After accidents like the Crash of American Airlines flight 587 in 2001 and the Sinai Slum Fire at the Kenya Pipeline Company almost exactly 10 years later, M-FISys was a central technology used to identify the victims and return their remains to the people who loved them.

During armed conflicts, and decades after wars have ended, M-FISys is used to give names back to those who died, from as long ago as the Spanish Civil War to as recently as the 2023 conflict between Israel and Hamas, and many military actions in between including Vietnam, Peru, Libya and El Salvador.  When there is a tragic need, Gene Codes Forensics stands ready to help.

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