News Articles

Here are a few articles about Gene Codes Forensics efforts in victim identification projects from around the world:

  1. Human Identification Software for Missing Persons, Scalable for a Mass Fatality Incident
  2. Recommendation of M-FISys to US Secretary of State from the Forensic Anthropology Foundation of Guatemala
  3. Letter of commendation and thanks, US Ambassador to Guatemala
  4. Letter of recommendation from New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner for Gene Codes Forensics work on 9-11 World Trade Center Disaster Victim Identification project
  5. Article on identification of complex pedigrees with multiple fatalities in a family in Forensic Science International
  6. DNA-ProKids depends on M-FISys to find children in Guatemala and elsewhere in Biotechniques
  7. "Using M-FISys To Combat Cross-Border Human Trafficking" presented at the 2018 ISCB-LA meeting, Chile
  8. KPC Acquires M-FISys and Donates to Kenyan Ministry of Public Health
  9. September 11 DNA system comes to Kenya
  10. "Ethical Issues in Secondary Uses of Human Biological Materials from Mass Disasters"
    (Available by permission of the The American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics)
  11. Article on the first anniversary of 9-11 attacks. (Tom Walsh article from the Detroit Free Press 09/11/2002)
  12. Bio-IT World magazine "Soul Searching" article from 2003.
  13. INACIF (Implementation of the M-FISys Program) (Sited from 01-04-2018)
  14. Article on the Thai identification efforts after the tsunami. (Tom Walsh article from the Detroit Free Press 03/01/2005)
  15. "Development Under Extreme Conditions: Forensic Bioinformatics in the Wake of the World Trade Center Disaster" Pacific Symp Biocomput. 2003;:638-53, PMID: 12603064
  16. APLICACIÓN DEL PROGRAMA M-FISys®:VIOLACIONES SEXUALES EN SERIE from Publicaciones Científicas Forenses - Instituto Nacional De Ciencias Forenses De Guatemala
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